About us

Taking a picture after a successful dive

Sea Action Diving Center is a state-of-the-art PADI diving Center. PADI is the biggest diving organization worldwide, with international accreditation. Our diving center operates based on international safety and training models having only one concern; safe diving activities.

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Night diving Picture with two customer after diving Lessons in pool
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The owner and manager of the diving center is Stoumpos Leontaridis Michail who has the degree PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and has long experience in scuba diving. Michail is a scuba diving, lifeguarding and First Aid (Emergency First Response) instructor. Moreover he is a professor of Physical Education with specialty in swimming and a Doctor of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science. Lastly, he works as a professional diver, conducting underwater operations as a graduate of Kalymnos Commercial Diving School. All the instructors of our diving center are certified by PADI and they all hold certificates on First Aid and all the required licenses.

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The visitors of the diving center can have many kinds of diving, such as boat diving, coast diving, safari diving etc. Also certifited divers can do many specialities:

  1. Deep Diver
  2. Boat Diver
  3. Digital Underwater Photographer
  4. Diver Propulsion Vehicle Diver
  5. Dry Suit Diver
  6. Night Diver
  7. Wreck Diver
  8. Enriched Air Diver
  9. Emergency Oxygen Provider
  10. Peak Performance Buoyancy
  11. Project Aware Specialitst

If you want to explore the underwater world in safety, come to Sea Action Diving Center. If you are afraid of the sea or the seabed, then we’re here to help you. Don’t waste any more time! We are here to make sure that you dive with safety and that you have a lot of fun.

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