Diving sites

Pallini Beach

It is the ideal destination for all levels of scuba diving, with great visibility while in the emerald waters you will find an amazing sea bottom. Near the marine of the beach there is a small beautiful cave with many fishes. From the other side of the marine there is a big anchor of an old ship. You can access the beach easily.

Mitilini Wreck

The wreck Mitilini is within walking distance of the Simantro hotel. Access to this dive spot is able only by boat. It is a destination for experienced divers.The wreck is a total length of 34 meters and found immersed to a maximum depth of about 22 meters and a deck-depth of 16 meters. The wreck is seated on a sandy seabed, and is only appropriate for qualified advanced divers. The visibility of the water is so good that sometimes when divers fall in the water and dive the first 3-5 meters they can see the whole wreck.

Nea Fokaia

Just 15 minutes drive from the base of the diving center. The area is ideal for beginners. Diving for children and beginner divers with ease of access from the coast with sandy bottom and reefs. The bottom goes progressively through shallow water with a depth of about 3-5 meters. In this beach there is marine, for transfer with boat.

Skouras Camp or Vothonas Beach

In 15 minutes you are at this destination, but the access requires a 4x4 car or boat. The crystal clear water, with its rich marine life have created a magnificent beach with a sandy bottom, with reefs and posidonia(seaweed) up to 12 meters in depth. As we continue the water deepens abruptly to depths exceeding 40 meters. The entrance from the coast is a little difficult, because on the whole coast there are plaques at the entrance. This destination is appropriate for both beginners and advanced scuba divers and also for snorkeling. In the area there are two caves where you can enter by the sea.

Porto Valitsa

The beach of Porto Valitsa located in Paliouri Chalkidiki, just 30 minutes drive from our diving center. The water at this beach is quite deep near the shore. However, this destination is ideal for both beginners and advanced divers. The diver can enter the water or diving from the pier, or more smoothly from the coast through sandy route. The depth goes progressively up to about 12-15 meters with sand and Posidonia, and then are abruptly cliffs and rocks with holes. In the area you will see that there is a rich marine life. While the depth goes up to 70 meters.

Siviri Beach

This destination is suited only for beginners and children. Just 15 minutes from the dive center by car. The depth goes progressively with a sandy bottom. However there is a point where there are submerged metal trash bins after a big storm happened a few years ago. Over time and with these buckets not moving the area has been trasformed into an interesting bottom that looks like a wreck. The depth here is about 3-4 meters.


Just 25 minutes by car and 30 minutes by boat, is the crystal clear Glarokavos area. It is preferable the visit by car ath this point to be with a 4x4 vehicle, because the roads are made of gravel and can be very dangerous in case of rain. The visibility in the water is indescribable, with easy access from shore and with gradual increase in depth, it is perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches. Destination ideal for both beginners and advanced divers.


The beach whith its enchanting deep water, with tremendous visibility and rich sea life. Just 30 minutes by car or 40 minutes by boat from our diving center. Destination appropriate for both beginners and advanced divers. The inlet and outlet is located near the port, while the depth of great interest is at 35 meters. The bottom is sandy and rocky.


This location is just 25 minutes by car and 30 minutes by boat from our diving center. At this spot there is a small port where you can safely leave your boat without fear of weather changes. Ideal destination for both beginners and advanced divers. The bottom has a particular morphology, rich marine life and very good visibility.

Kelifos island

Located 40 minutes from our dive center and accessible only by boat is the Kelifos(shell) island. Destination only ideal for experienced divers and people that the sea does not bother them. It is probably the area with the most abundant marine life, compared to all other diving destinations. The water is deep in some places reaching up to 45 meters, but there is very good visibility.

Alexandros Wreck

Located 30 minutes from our diving center is the cargo ship wreck Alexander. Access to the beach is by car. This wreck is located near the lighthouse in Possidi Chalkidiki, about 100 meters from shore. It was an old wreck that is submerged in shallow water with sandy bottom, but only a few parts of the vessel are visible. The rest is covered with sand. The destination is indicated for both scuba diving and for snorkeling. At this point there are intense currents and deserves special attention.

Loutra Beach

Destination located 35 minutes from our diving center. This beach is located in front of the Baths of Agia Paraskevi. Ideal diving part for certified divers. The beach is accessed by 4x4 car, because there is a very steep uphill road outside. From where you parked the car, there is a path of two minutes walk for the diver to reach the sea. In this region there is a place where the water is warmer compared to the rest of Chalkidiki, while submerged the diver can see bubbles gushing from the bottom of the sea. The depth of this location is at 14 meters. The temperature difference in the water is quite noticeable.

Ani Beach - Caves

This beach is located in Agia Paraskevi, Chalkidiki, just 40 minutes from our diving center. Accessible by a 4x4 car, since then the after the main road we go down to the beach through a dirt road. The area has very good visibility and rich sea life. While the depth is of interest up to 19 meters. The destination is indicated for both divers and for snorkeling. The inlet water takes place only from the left side of the beach by a small portion, because the entire coast is filled with large stones. In the area there are caves you can get in either by scuba or snorkeling. While quite often we see the friendly hosts of the cave, which are the seals.


Perhaps one of the most beautiful bottoms of Chalkidiki, with interesting stuff at the bottom which is up to 50 meters. The destination is indicated for certified divers, while access to this beach requires a 4x4 car, since there is a long way to a dirt road in the woods. This beach is located 40 minutes from our diving center. Divers at this destination can see cliffs, with excellent visibility and abundant marine life. At the entrance of the divers from the coast there are rocks in the sea that act as a natural breakwater. An ideal destination for nature lovers.