Underwater job

If you have any kind of trouble with any kind of underwater project, then do not hesitate to contact us. Stoumpos Leontaridis Michail is a graduate of Kalymnos Commercial Diving School with a professional diving license obtained by the coastguard and with long experience in underwater projects while he has worked with major diving centers around the country.

Moreover, there are lessons offered to divers who want to broaden their knowledge on underwater projects in different fields (e.g. removal of sunken items from the bottom of the sea, underwater photography, first aid etc). In addition we provide lessons to divers with an apprentice’s license, who are ready to sit the coast guard exams in order to become professional divers, on a theoretical and practical level.

For more information please call or email.

  • Mobile: +30 698 671 1244, +30 697 974 8682
  • Email: info@seaaction.gr